“Collectors” Free Flash Fiction from The Confabulator Cafe

“Collectors” Free Flash Fiction from The Confabulator Cafe

The Confabulator Cafe asked its writers to come up with a flash fiction story. The catch was the first and last line were decided for us. The rest was up to our imaginations and a thousand words.

Alatir and Rakiel are low-level imps collecting souls for a trading card game that will decide the fate of the universe.

Go see what they are up to at http://www.confabulatorcafe.com/2012/04/collectors-flash-fiction/

Decisively, A Writer

Decisively, A Writer

There are lots of things that get in the way of a writers pursuit of his art. The Confabulator Cafe has asked how I deal with those obstacles, both good and bad.  See my answer at www.confabulatorcafe.com.


The Exotic Mundane – The Confabulator Cafe

The Exotic Mundane – The Confabulator Cafe

This week, in my posting at The Confabulator Cafe, I discuss how real life no only creeps in to my writing, but that I encourage it to do so. See what I have to say at www.confabulatorcafe.com


Pressing the Reset Button

“If some people didn’t tell you, you’d never know they’d been away on a vacation.

– Kin Hubbar

Vacation is a time of peace and relaxation meant to give you a break from the day to day. So how is it Thursday already?

I have been off from my day job since last Friday, but all things considered, I have been busier than I am during a normal work day. One thing has lead to another which has lead to another which has lead me to the final two days of my vacation feeling short of sleep, and without having accomplished anything on the list of what I had planned to do.

Looking back on vacations throughout my life they seemed to be full of constant events. Rather than relaxation, they have been a constant stream of activities, odd or otherwise. Especially the family vacations when I was growing up.

There was the world’s deepest hand dug well in Greensburg, KS. We bought a penny for well over one cent after throwing our own penny down into the well.

There was Albert, the world’s largest bull in Audobon, IA. By world’s largest bull, I actually mean a concrete replica of a bull. The graffiti on his nuts was quite possibly the most entertaining part of this attraction.

That isn’t to say that all our journeys were so uneventful. There was the trip to New Mexico. I got into a fight with my sister, and as punishment, we both had to write essays about the trip. The true punishment was probably that we made the trip in a Chrysler Le Baron. Not exactly the roomiest of cross-country travel vehicles, but cars like that, with a trailer full of camping supplies took us anywhere within driving distance, including over mountains that made me worry we might not be able to cross.

My dad likes to stop at every attraction and historical marker a long the way. There are some duds, like the ones I already mentioned, but there were some pretty cool stops, as well. The Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend, IA was beautiful. The city of Santa Fe was full of things I had never seen before. Everything had a story behind it.

The trips were sometimes fun, sometimes boring, sometimes more stressful than daily life, but all in all, they were a big part of my life. Maybe vacation is less about relaxation and more about pressing reset, temporary suspension of the every day. I took the week, in part, to work on my screenplay for Script Frenzy. So far, in five days, I managed five pages.

Still, it has been a good week, one that was necessary in many ways. I’ll see how many pages I can crank out in the next few days, and then go back to the office on Monday. It will be good to get back, it will be sad to go back, but it will be temporarily new. Sometimes, that is all you can ask.



Raised by Giants

Raised by Giants

This week, over at The Confabulator Cafe, I write about how I use what I learn from other writers in my own work. Check out “Raised by Giants” at www.confabulatorcafe.com.


Spring Resolutions

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” – Leo Tolstoy, from Anna Karenina


An Orchard in Spring - Claude Monet

The cold bite of the north wind gives way to the gentle caress of the south. The perpetual scent of cut grass and oncoming rains warms the senses as a reminder that the true New Year is upon us.

If January is a time for resolutions, Spring is the time when those resolutions are given movement. You snap to, realizing the year is already a quarter way gone, and there is so much work to be done. Work means many different things to many different people.

The grass needs mowed, the trees trimmed, the garage swept. The eves need cleaned, the rainspouts unclogged, the house vented of the stale winter air. The sun motivates movement. It gets you to walk, ride bikes, jog, or play a million games that keep you company like the most faithful of childhood friends.

Winter-sore muscles stretch relaxed like flower petals reaching for the sun. There are so many things to do, things that will not get done on their own. There is work to be done on the house, thorough cleaning that has been put off for way too long, but there are others things as well. These things are more goal than true necessity.

There are stories to be written, a screenplay to be finished, a novel to re-write, a million words I want to write or need to write. Blogs, books, movies, short stories of all sizes. During spring time seems eternal.  Energy is boundless. Anything is possible. Lists of chores that once seemed imposing seem more welcoming and friendly, needing only an attached iPod and a smile.

This Fall, I will hopefully be returning to school, working on a Master’s Degree in Literary Theory. As such, Fall will be work, not only in my day job, but in my spare time.  Then, with November comes NaNoWriMo, and even more writing.

Right now, that all seems so far away, as if it is the life of another person whom I barely know. Spring is here, full of resurrection and life. The reality of Fall’s death is but a distant bleep on time’s radar.

Spring is indeed the time of plans and projects. There are a million things to do. Those New Year’s resolutions have been procrastinated too long. They have become Spring’s resolutions. I am ready to get started. How about you?



Teaching Turkeys to Fly and New Flash Fiction!

Teaching Turkeys to Fly

Editing is one of the most time-consuming aspects of a writing career. See what I have to say about how I re-write at The Confabulator Cafe.

I also have a new piece of free fiction available. Check out my pages links for “C Is for Cat.”