“Perfect 10” is now available in Insomnia Press, Issue 1

Awhile back, I found an open anthology looking for submissions based on Walt Whitman’s “I Sing the Body Electric.” I re-read the poem and started writing a story of obsession. It went much darker than I originally planned. Too dark, in fact, to submit to the anthology that originally inspired it.

The story is called “Perfect 10,” and it appears in Insomnia Press, Issue 1. You can view the entire issue, as well as download and print your own copy at http://issuu.com/insomniapress/docs/insomniapress1#download.

Be sure to follow Insomnia Press  at www.insomnia-press.com, and on Twitter @insomniapress.

They are a good bunch of guys and they do what they do out of love for the horror genre.

Thanks for reading.

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