ConQuest approaches!

ConQuest, the science fiction and fantasy convention, is hitting Kansas City this weekend. Sara and I go every year. It is generally a birthday celebration for me. This year, my birthday lands on Memorial Day–otherwise known as ConQuest recovery day. Every year, it seems that I have more and more friends that I look forward to seeing. It’s great to catch up with what everyone is doing, and I always leave with my creative batteries charged, ready to take on the literary world.

You can see the programming on their website: As you can imagine, I dig the noir theme this year. There appears to be some good horror programming this year, as well as readings from local KC-area scribes Brett Williams, Sean Demory, Karin Rita Gasterich, Holly Messinger, Sheri Dean, and many others. R. L. Naquin and Kevin Wohler are both in my writer’s group, and will be there. I’ve been reading the Garrett, P.I. series, and am looking forward to the guest of honor Glen Cook. I’ll also be defending my “Story in a Bag” Professional Horror Division title.

It should be a lot of fun, and it might be one of the last ConQuest’s that I can attend more for pleasure than work. I can’t wait to see everyone out there, and I will be sure to share my thoughts after the weekend.


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