“Collectors” in Separate Worlds Magazine

The January/February issue of Separate Worlds, a science fiction and fantasy magazine, is now available. Inside, you can find my short story “Collectors.” The end of the world is coming, and the fate of the universe will be decided in a Magic-esque card game between Heaven and Hell. “Collectors” is about the “other” demons, sent to do the work no one else wants.

You can purchase the current issue, featuring “Collectors” or pick up a subscription here: http://www.speculativefictionstories.com/products

Also, in case you missed it, my latest Confabulator Cafe post is available. I give my thoughts on my non-fiction writing resume and future opportunities in that genre. You can find that post here:


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Failure and other F-Words, plus an acceptance

Failure and other F-Words, plus an acceptance

My last Nanowrimo Confabulator Cafe blog is up at http://www.confabulatorcafe.com/2012/12/failure-and-other-f-words/. Read about my mixed mixed emotions regarding Nanowrimo this year.

Also, Separate Worlds has accepted my flash fiction piece “Collectors” for publication in their January/February 2013 issue. I’ll post more information as I get it.

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New Flash Fiction and the Latest from The Confabulator Cafe

“Collectors,” the flash fiction piece that appeared at The Confabulator Cafe last Monday, is now available here on This Average Life. Find it on the pages list to the right.

In my latest Confabulator Cafe blog, I write about what I consider to be my strengths as a writer, and what I enjoy about my writing. Check out “Artistic Endeavors in Granite and Clothespin.”

Thank you all for your continued support of my writing.

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“Collectors” Free Flash Fiction from The Confabulator Cafe

“Collectors” Free Flash Fiction from The Confabulator Cafe

The Confabulator Cafe asked its writers to come up with a flash fiction story. The catch was the first and last line were decided for us. The rest was up to our imaginations and a thousand words.

Alatir and Rakiel are low-level imps collecting souls for a trading card game that will decide the fate of the universe.

Go see what they are up to at http://www.confabulatorcafe.com/2012/04/collectors-flash-fiction/