The Evolution of an Idea: Murph’s Law is up at The Confabulator Cafe

One of the most common questions for writers is where they get their ideas and how they develop them. I think every writer does it a bit differently. The way I write isn’t the way my local colleagues write. I improvise a lot at the keyboard. Other writers outline vigorously and essentially know the story before they write it. This week, I decided to explain the process I used to write “Murph’s Law,” which appeared at The Confabulator Cafe a month ago. If you liked the story or just want to know how I work, head on over and check it out. There is also a note about Fairfax, the fictional rural setting for several of my stories, which turned out not to be as fictional as I thought.

“Murph’s Law” is now available at The Confabulator Cafe

I have a new short story up at The Confabulator Cafe. Murph didn’t mean any offense when he pissed on his best friend’s grave, but when he’s around, things go wrong. There may or may not be a vampire involved. You can read the story in its entirety at