Midnight and the Boogieman at The Confabulator Cafe; A Simple Device in Rejected

rejectedIn my latest Confabulator Cafe story, “Midnight and the Boogieman,” paranormal blogger and Truman Capote disciple Boogieman Beau is confronted by a man who leaps from body to body every night at the stroke of midnight. You can read it for free at The Confabulator Cafe.

My short story “A Simple Device” is out in Rejected, an anthology from ACA Books. A man wakes up hungover in a strange hotel with a bomb hanging around his neck. It’s available on Kindle now. Physical copies will be available via print-on-demand. I will have links available as soon as possible.

“Murph’s Law” is now available at The Confabulator Cafe

I have a new short story up at The Confabulator Cafe. Murph didn’t mean any offense when he pissed on his best friend’s grave, but when he’s around, things go wrong. There may or may not be a vampire involved. You can read the story in its entirety at http://www.confabulatorcafe.com/2013/12/murphs-law-flash-fiction/

NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up at The Confabulator Cafe

NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up at The Confabulator Cafe

This is my last NaNoWriMo posting for this year at The Confabulator Cafe. Head on over and see how my writing went this month.


Strange New Directions: The Importance of Research

anasazi1In my blog this week at The Confabulator Cafe, I wrote about research for writers and share my experience with researching the ancient pueblo people known as the Anasazi for a short story that will be appearing in Bete Noire Magazine this October.

You can check it out here: http://www.confabulatorcafe.com/2013/06/strange-new-directions-the-importance-of-research/

The Brave New Publishing World and Updates

The Brave New Publishing World and Updates

After a short hiatus, The Confabulator Cafe has returned. Under the new format, each writer will be contributing something different than his colleagues. This week, I wrote about the literary gatekeepers and other aspects of the changing publishing world. Check it out at The Confabulator Cafe

Also, my short story “Hatched” has been picked up by Dark Eclipse and should be out in the very near future.

In addition, the Spring issue of Hungur should be out soon and will feature “Bloodline.”

I’ll be back with links to the publications as they are released.


There Ain’t No Road Too Long

There Ain’t No Road Too Long

Everyone has their way to tackle initial revisions. Those early modifications don’t get that baby walking. It’s more like cleaning the thing up moments after birth. Still, rewriting is the most important part of writing, and my philosophy on rewriting is simple. If it’s none done, keep working. Read all about it in “There Ain’t No Road Too Long” at The Confabulator Cafe.

There is always time to write, right?

There is always time to write, right?

My weekly contribution to the Confabulator Cafe came in right before posting time. Ironic, since this week’s topic was making time to write. It’s a busy life, right now, especially with two literary theory classes and working fifty hours a week. Still, I got it up there, as always. I hope you enjoy it.

– Jack

“Collectors” in Separate Worlds Magazine

The January/February issue of Separate Worlds, a science fiction and fantasy magazine, is now available. Inside, you can find my short story “Collectors.” The end of the world is coming, and the fate of the universe will be decided in a Magic-esque card game between Heaven and Hell. “Collectors” is about the “other” demons, sent to do the work no one else wants.

You can purchase the current issue, featuring “Collectors” or pick up a subscription here: http://www.speculativefictionstories.com/products

Also, in case you missed it, my latest Confabulator Cafe post is available. I give my thoughts on my non-fiction writing resume and future opportunities in that genre. You can find that post here:


Thanks for reading.




For this month’s flash fiction, The Confabulator Cafe is re-telling fairy tales. I chose The Pied Piper. You can read “Piper” for free at The Confabulator Cafe.


Looking back on a year of the Confabulator Cafe, and an upcoming story in Hungur Magazine

In my weekly Confabulator Cafe blog, I was asked about my favorite assignment this year. See my answer in “Bring me another!

Also, Hungur Magazine, a horror magazine specializing in vampire fiction, has accepted my short story “Bloodline” for publication in their April 30, 2013 issue.

It has been a good year for my writing career, and I am looking forward to  whatever 2013 brings.