A Burial

A Burial

Every month at The Confabulator Cafe, we write flash fiction based on some sort of prompt. This week, the prompt, a pretty intense painting, was provided by Lawrence-area writer and painter David Dehetre. 

I started with a shotgun in a little red wagon, and the result was “A Burial.”

You can read it now at http://www.confabulatorcafe.com/2012/08/a-burial/

Enjoy, and thanks for reading.

Rise Above the Tears

Rise Above the Tears

My Grandpa Joe’s death had a big influence on my life, as well as my writing. There are a lot of readers of this blog that originally came here as a result of that influence. This week, I wrote about his death at The Confabulator Cafe. Feel free to check it out. http://www.confabulatorcafe.com/2012/08/rise-above-the-tears/


It’s the Hard Knock Life and Free Fiction

It’s the Hard Knock Life

Being a writer is tough, and sometimes writers are tempted to quit. Sometimes they do quit. This week, The Confabulator Cafe is all about quitting and what brings a writer back again.


Also, my short story from last weeks post at The Confabulator Cafe is now available here. Check the page links on the right for “Scratched” or click here:


Sharks Have to Swim; Writers Have to Write

Sharks Have to Swim; Writers Have to Write

Every so often, the question comes up. Why do writers write? More specifically, why do certain writers write. There are certainly easier ways to pass the time, ones with less heartache and a better potential for reward. So, why do I write? Find out at http://www.confabulatorcafe.com/2012/07/sharks-have-to-swim-writers-have-to-write/

New Flash Fiction and the Latest from The Confabulator Cafe

“Collectors,” the flash fiction piece that appeared at The Confabulator Cafe last Monday, is now available here on This Average Life. Find it on the pages list to the right.

In my latest Confabulator Cafe blog, I write about what I consider to be my strengths as a writer, and what I enjoy about my writing. Check out “Artistic Endeavors in Granite and Clothespin.”

Thank you all for your continued support of my writing.

– Jack

Site News – Script Frenzy and FREE FLASH FICTION!

Sometimes, when a piece of fiction gets published, the writer retains the rights after the initial publication.

I have decided to make some of that work available on my site, free of charge to my readers. If you look beneath my photo on the right side of your screen, you will see a new page featuring the first story I ever had published, Thousands Died This Morning.

Feel free to check it out. It will be available on this site as a free sample of my writing. Once the initial run of C Is for Cat has completed, I will post it here, as well. In the meantime, check it out at www.confabulatorcafe.com, and support all of the amazing writers featured there.

Also, lower on the right side of the frame, you will find a meter that will track my progress on my upcoming screenplay Close to Home, which I will be writing in April as part of Script Frenzy.

Thank you all. It is easy to keep writing when you get such great support.


– Jack

C Is for Cat

C Is for Cat

I have written a new original flash fiction piece for The Confabulator Cafe. The challenge was to write a piece of under 1000 words based on a picture I was assigned. The picture was selected from Flickr using my last name and my birth date.

Please read it at http://www.confabulatorcafe.com/2012/03/c-is-for-cat-flash-fiction/ and thank you all for your support.