“Victor’s Indifference” now available in the May 2013 print edition of The Rusty Nail

51M13YCRtlLThe May 2013 print edition of The Rusty Nail is now available. My flash fiction piece “Victor’s Indifference” appears inside. Pick up your copy at Amazon.com by clicking the link below.

The Rusty Nail, May 2013

Victor’s Indifference, now available at The Rusty Nail

One of my oldest short stories is now posted at The Rusty Nail. I wrote it after reading an article about Hurricane Victor and thinking of how disconnected I was, being so far away, reading about it in a paper. Then, I sat down and wrote Victor’s Indifference. I saw it sitting on the computer one day and decided to find a place for it.

Feel free to check it out.