Holiday Wishes and Goodreads

Holiday Wishes and Goodreads

This week at The Confabulator Cafe, we are sharing our feelings on the holidays. My views have become conflicted in recent years. You can read all about it at

Also, if you are a Goodreads user, feel free to connect with me there. I usually review every book I read. Discussing literature is one of my great loves. Feel free to comment there, as well.

The New Year is coming fast, and I have a lot of stories scheduled to be published in 2013 in such publications as Epiphany Magazine, The Rusty Nail, Bete Noir Magazine, Separate Worlds, and Wicked East Press. It should be a good year. Keep checking back for updates.

Happy Holidays,


Calliope and other News

Calliope and other News

This week for the Confabulator Cafe, we decided to get into the Halloween spirit by writing stories about carnivals. Anyone who has read much on here will know that I am a big Ray Bradbury fan. His writing had a huge influence on me, and he stands as one of my favorite writers of all time. My contribution is a short story titled “Calliope.” You can check it out at

In other news, Bette Noir has accepted “Flute of the Dead” for publication in their October 2013 double-issue. The Rusty Nail has accepted “Victor’s Indifference” for future publication at an unknown date. Also, my poem “What the Fires Consumed” should be appearing in Danse Macabre Du Jour some time this month.

November is NaNoWriMo, and I am planning a new novel titled “The Dreamcatcher.” Time might be an issue since I will also be wrapping up this semester of grad school, but we’ll see if I can get my fifty thousand words written.

Thanks for reading. I could not handle this crazy life without all of your support.



Punch the Boogey Man in the Throat, News, and Free Flash Fiction

Punch the Boogey Man in the Throat

Writer’s Block is a controversial subject among writers. Some see it as about as real as the monster in your closet. Others swear they have seen the beast up close and personal. I don’t believe in writer’s block as anything more than a manifestation of stress. I do believe in training to overcome stress. Read about my feelings on the subject in “Punch the Boogeyman in the Throat” at

In other news, Insomnia Press has accepted a short story I wrote titled “Perfect 10” for use in their first issue. I’ll keep you all updated when that becomes available, but they are anticipating a late July release. Check out their website.

Also, “Whose Woods These Are” can now be found in my pages link. It appeared last week at The Confabulator Cafe and is free to read. If you are interested in a horror story written in homage to Robert Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening,” it is the story for you.

As always, thank you for all of your support.